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Indoor Unit

Indoor Unit

  • High static pressure design : Static pressure can be up to 150Pa, especially suitable for places in need of long distance airflow.
  • Convenient installation : You can choose circular air duct or rectangular air duct according to actual needs. Or you can choose different ways of air return.
  • Easy maintenance : The system has maintenance port for easy maintenance.
  • Protection function : Anti-freezing protection, fan motor overload protection, temperature sensor malfunction protection.

Features and benifits

High Static Pressure Duct Type Unit

Low Static Pressure Duct Type Unit

Slim Duct Type Indoor Unit

4-way Cassette Unit

Compact 4-way Cassette Indoor Unit

2-way Cassette Indoor Unit

Si Joannid - 1-way Cassette Unit

Wall-mounted Type Unit

Floor Ceiling Type Indoor Unit

Console Indoor Unit

  •  Multiple fan speed : The fan can operate in multiple speed and satisfy different air flow volume requirements.
  • High drain pump lift : Drain pump lift reaches 1.0m, which can effectively drain out water.
  •  Detachable grille and long life filter : Grille is detachable for easy cleaning. With long life filter, cleaning cycle is 20 times longer.
  •  Protection function : Water overflow protection, anti-freezing protection, fan motor overload protection, temperature sensor malfunction protection, auxiliary electric heating overheat protection (This function is not included in pure heat pump unit).

Floor Standing Type Indoor Unit

  • Wide Application : It can be widely adopted in hotels, restaurants, office, etc.
  • Auto clean to ensure a healthy life : After turning off the unit, the indoor fan will keep running in low speed for a moment to dry the inner components and parts, in order to prevent mildew and keep user healthy.

Fresh Air Processing Indoor Unit

Airflow volume: 1200~4000m3/h

Applicable range: Residential houses, villas, business buildings, hotels, apartments, etc.

Air handler

  • Highly Flexible Installation : The unit is designed for outdoor installation and less indoor space taking, allowing easy installation and maintenance. The unit can be installed on the ground or on the roof of the building, which means the installation is totally flexible depending on the project requirement.
  • Cold Air Prevention Design : When heating in winter, cold air prevention function is enabled so that air won’t be blown out until it’s warm.
  • Long life and Washable Filter : The filter is easy to be dismantled and installed. You can use dust collector or water to clear away the dust.